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Pettyfer Stills

an Icontest for Alex Pettyfer

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an icontest dedicated to Alex Pettyfer

Welcome to pettyfer_stills ~! ^_^ 

This is a friendly, low-pressure icontest community dedicated to the British actor, Alex Pettyfer. 

Every week, there will be a themed challenge for which participants may enter up to FOUR [4] icons to be voted on at the end of that week. Winners will get a shiny banner to commemorate their wins.

There will also be a Monthly Challenge every month, too. ^_^

You do MUST be an icon-maker in order to SUBMIT enttries, however you may join/watch just to VOTE...or just because you LOVE Alex. ^_^
The Rules for Submission: 

- All entries must be directed to that week's submission post.

Submissions should look like this:

URL: http://i423.photobucket.com/albums/pp316/aka_chin/Icontests/02-4.png

[This icon was made by me, akkas_journal , for you_choose_ic , so please credit if you snag!]

Weekly Schedule for pettyfer_stills is (roughly) as thus:

- Tuesday - New Weekly Challenge is posted!
- following Tuesday - All of the submissions must be in...
- Wednesday - Voting begins
- Sunday - Voting Ends
- sometime the following week - Winners announced and banners given out
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Wanna be one? Leave a comment/description of your comm. here.  ^_^

NOTE: We are also looking for co-mods/bannermakers. If interested, please apply here.

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Banner/s other graphics by:akkas_journal
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